We grabbed Adrian Kelly off the streets as he headed to Into You Tattoo in London, gettin’ his ink on... his face.


Hey Adrian, where are you from?
Viva la Manchester!

What do you do?
A surgeon of steel (welder on pipelines).

What are you caught doing in your spare time?
I spend most of my time going turbo, through out different venues in London hashtag believe if not I’m horizontal on my couch kicking the fuck out of netflix.

Your style is…
Edge attack!

Your style icon is…
Me! I don’t believe you should idolise anyone you are your own great person.

Tell us your about your messiest night out?
I can’t remember it…

Favourite bar/place to eat?
I’m never shy of attacking Ridley Road market bar, and for food I’m not scared of Beigel Bake on Brick Lane for a naughty salt beef.

What’s your ‘go-to’ drink?
Peroni – tooooo eassssy!

You could never live without your…
Great frog skull ring.

Do you #LiveInBlack? / Why do you like rockin’ Religion?
If you want to look not scared, you gotta rock black know dat. Religion is POWA.

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