Religion Meets Art_


Take a look at what happens when Religion meets art. In our Italian Showroom, Loclocy, our AW14 collection was presented alongside art, and a live creation of art by Fabio Abbreccia last week, to an audience of the coolest tastemakers from Italy.

Loclocy is born from the passion for fashion, art and music developed in the sphere of Street Culture.

The Showroom is located in the industrial area of Pozzuoli, near Naples, which has a very proactive underground scene. Since the beginning, Loclocy has aimed to represent this mix of passions, devoting its space to representing brands,artists and ideas of all kinds.

The latest exhibition has been dedicated to artist Fabio Abbreccia:

"Live paintings are always fun to me, it feels a bit as a musician in the middle of a concert. What I wanted was an image whose power depended on a tangle of hysterical signs, giving the fuck up on the realistic rendering, which would create a real melody by their mutual intersection. Picasso said that painting is for the blind only, this is what I want my pictures to be: I want you to hear it and not to see them".

Scroll down to see pictures from the evening and for a preview of the Religion AW14 collection.